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Rajasthan Navjaat Suraksha Yojana

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The governments are working for their people and trying to provide the benefits. But Rajasthan state government has done a considerable job by launching this new navjaat shishu suraksha yojana. It is a very beneficial scheme for newborn babies in Rajasthan. The government is trying to provide some extra benefits to the babies who have need some extra care.

So here, we are going to provide all the necessary details regarding this Yojana and the related information that could be helpful for pregnant women.

Navjaat shishu suraksha Yojana Necessary Details:

According to the research, the mortality rate in Rajasthan is 35 per thousand live births. The rate is being increased or decreased by some number every year. The infant mortality rate is due to the unavailable facilities to the babies born with some malnutrition or other conditions.

The government is trying to decrease this number by providing few facilities to the newborn babies and the mother. Various advantages will be provided to both if the baby is born with low weight or premature under navjat shishu suraksha yojana.

  • The only need is to spread this information among people so that those could get benefits that need it.
  • The scheme was announced by the health minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Rahul Sharma, 9th February 2020.
  • This Yojana was launched for newborn babies by the department of Medical health care and Family Welfare.
  • It is a state government scheme with a mote providing necessary facilities to newborn babies to decrease the mortality rate.
  • The official website is not announced yet, but it will be available on the state government’s portal soon.

Features of the scheme are:

  1. That entire baby who is born with low weight or malnutrition can get the advantages.
  2. Along with that, if the baby is premature and premature care is needed, then the government will help.
  3. All the Healthcare benefits will be provided to the Infant, along with the best possible treatments.
  4. Even the government is trying to add the kangaroo Mother Care treatment. It will be an addition to the Nirogi Rajasthan Yojana.
  5. As we know that Kangaroo Mother Care treatment costs more, but under Navjaat Suraksha Yojana 2020, it will be very less.

Benefits under the Navjaat shishu suraksha Yojana:

  1. Through government is trying to decrease the infant mortality rate in Rajasthan.
  2. It will be a very beneficial scheme for the families who are unable to provide necessary facilities to the newborn.
  3. It will help the families to will all the treatments at very less cost.
  4. The facilities that the government is going to provide to mothers and Infant Healthcare will be optimal.
Brief information: Kangaroo Mother Care treatment!

It is a very effective Healthcare technique for newborn babies. As per this technique, the contact between the skin of the mother and the Infant is required. It helps the baby to recover from their condition very quickly. It is a straightforward method with huge effects.

In this scheme, the incubators are provided to the mother so that she cans breastfeed the milk.

It helps to keep away all the infections from the body of the newborn. Along with the earth, the baby will get healthy food from the mother.

Therefore including this treatment under the scheme will be very beneficial for infants with acute disabilities.

The Rajasthan navjat suraksha yojana online registration 2020 will be available very soon on the official website of state government.

Therefore we think that the Rajasthan state government is trying to provide the best benefits for the infants. It is the scheme that will help a lot of people who are unable to take care of their newborns with some special treatment.  If the project is successfully launched, then it will be going to benefit a lot of people. The success rate of the scheme will be in front of us within a few months. We have to wait for a few more days to get the official website update along with further information. One can also navjat Suraksha yojana apply online to avail of the benefits. Till then, it is essential to spread this news so that whoever is a neat could get the help.

You can visit the official website:-  Official website

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