Ujjwala sanitary napkin

Odisha sanitary napkins scheme has been launched by the IOCL, BPCL and HPCL companies in order to educate women in regard to hygiene.

What exactly the government is doing regarding this and what the scheme is providing to the women, all are mentioned below:

  • The scheme is trying to provide eco-friendly sanitary pads to the women to ensure hygiene and health safety. These sanitary napkins will help to save the environment as well.
  • The estimate of the common service centre of the hundred manufacturing units of eco-friendly sanitary pads making companies are providing the sanitary napkins to 93 blocks of 30 districts in Odisha. An approximate budget of running the scheme is 2.94 crore which is being given by the government every year.
  • Even the 10 women will get a beneficiary advantage under the sanitary napkins scheme in Odisha . As they will get employment in the common service centre company of the manufacturing unit.
  • The manufacturing unit is trying to produce 45000 to 50000 sanitary napkins. And is providing raw material to the labour to work efficiently without any hurdle.
  • The cost of these sanitary napkins is rupees 40 per pack. And the sanitary pack will contain 8 sanitary napkins.
  • The manufacturing unit is producing these sanitary napkins made with the wood pulp sheet, white sheet and the gel sheet. Which are the biodegradable substances in nature and will have no bad effect on the environment. And will be very hygienic is used. Hence, using the best material to produce the best thing is always advisable.

What other things are being provided by the government??

The government is trying to help the woman to live on their own. And helping them to learn hygiene importance. But only circulating the money through the funds to the account of the women is not enough as it will not make them too live respectfully hence the

Ujjwala sanitary napkin initiative has been taken by the Odisha Government to give the jobs to the women in the manufacturing unit. This step will help many women to earn and to live with their head high.

We can say that after the launch of Khushi Yojana in the Odisha the next step is to provide more benefits for the women through the Ujjwala Yojana/ Ujjwala sanitary napkins is a very good decision.

Why the Odisha is coming up with Ujjwala sanitary napkin schemes which are for the women?

In Odisha, the women are less empowered. And they even don’t know their rights, and they don’t know how to keep themselves healthy and happy. Hence the government has taken the initiative to do the women empowerment in the Odisha by educating them for various topics. This will definitely help to educate the women living in Odisha. And will give them a chance to work on their own and will provide them with hygienic conditions.

If you are eligible for any of the scheme which is launched by the Odisha Government you can go to the official website (http://pib.nic.in/indexd.aspx) of the Government and you can get the details from there and if you want to apply for the scheme for any government job you can do that there.

ujjwala sanitary napkin scheme official website:-  http://pib.nic.in/indexd.aspx

What our experts say:

According to the survey and report the Odisha Government is working at peak level to provide help to the women. To make them stand on their own. Hence, our expert says that the schemes which are launched till now. And which are going to be launched are very beneficial for the people of Odisha. Helping them in many ways hence we can say that the work of the government is appreciable.

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