Khushi Yojana 2019

Khushi Yojana 2019 is basically launched to empower the women. And to guide them regarding health and hygiene and about menstrual hygiene. They basically aim to guide the school going girls who have less knowledge about the health and hygiene of their body. Hence many of them lead to dangerous diseases due to no or wrong guidance. A much-appreciated initiative had been taken by the government. And is providing help to many of the women and the girls living in Odisha.

What exactly the Khushi Yojana Odisha scheme is providing to the girls?

Under the scheme, the Health and Family Welfare Department had decided to spend 70 crores every year to provide sanitary napkins to 17 lakh girls studying in the state from class 6 to class 12. They are ensuring that any girl who is studying in these standards in any government or government-aided school are getting these benefits without any delay.

What is the reason behind launching this scheme in the state?

Earlier in a survey, the research has found out that almost about 53% of the women’s living in Odisha are unaware about the menstrual hygiene. And 69% of the women are using cloth during the period of their menstrual cycle.  Hence many of the diseases are attacking them due to unhygienic conditions. Through Khushi scheme of Odisha, the government is aiming to guide the girls to take proper care of their hygienic condition. Also telling them that if something has found wrong then they should contact the doctors immediately as a little late can harm their body a lot, hence they should not delay it.

What are the benefits of the Khushi Yojana 2019?

  • The main benefit of availing the scheme is that. The women and girls will get more educated towards the menstrual hygienic problems. And will give more importance to this topic.
  • Most women feel shy to share this kind of problems with others. But after some guidance, they would be able to easily share their problems with their family or with their doctor to find out the solution for that.
  • Even those women who are using clothes during the menstrual cycle will stop using them after knowing the side effects of it.
  • The problems which are being faced by women from such a long time will get a solution and will give relief to them.
  • Even small girls who are feeling unwanted due to these problems will feel more confident after getting guidance for the menstrual hygiene. And will realize that this is not a problem this is a period which they have to pass happily.
How the government is working to ensure that the khushi scheme odisha is working properly?

The government is taking care that all the government and government-aided schools are timely providing sanitary napkins to the girls. Also checking for the same is being done by the government officials from time to time. Even without any delay, the government is trying to provide the napkins to the school so that they can issue them to the girls. Also good quality of sanitary napkins is being provided by the government to ensure hygiene. Even some of the government officials are going in the schools and giving training and talking to the girls regarding this topic. And making them feel comfortable to share their problem.

Hence, we can say that the government has started a very good khushi scheme in odisha for the girls. So that they can live a healthy and happy life without any tension. This scheme is benefiting thousands of girls every year. And spending a huge amount of money to run the launched scheme properly.

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