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జగన్ నవరత్నల పథకం | జగన్చే నవరత్నాలు

Recently YSR Congress party chief YS Jagan had promised to launch the 9 welfare schemes which will be known as navaratnalu schemes (Jagan Navaratnalu Scheme). And people will be able to avail the benefits of it but the news is not confirmed yet as he had just promised and nothing had been done for that till now. But according to the sources in the near future, the actions will be taken to launch all the schemes.

What type of Jagan navaratnalu schemes will be covered?

Ysrcp navaratnalu scheme is for the people to avail various kind of benefits like financial assistance to the marginal farmers, fee conception and the 20,000 in the account of every student, ban on the alcohol consumption. And many more had been promised by the YS Jagan Mohan. And similar kind of schemes will be launched. But the condition for launching the schemes is that if the will get won only that is after the party will come in the power otherwise there is no well-proved promise of the launching of the schemes.

YSR navaratnalu list | Telugu | ycp navaratnalu list in telugu | ysrcp | Jagan:-

  1. YSR Rythu Bharosa / వైయస్ఆర్ రితు భరోసా     [APPLY NOW] :- Click here  
  2. Fee Reimbursement / ఫీజు రీయింబర్స్‌మెంట్
  3. Aarogyasri /  ఆరోగ్యశ్రీ   [APPLY NOW] :- Click here  
  4. Jalayagnam / జలయజ్ఞం
  5. Ban on Alcohol / మద్యంపై నిషేధం
  6. Amma Vodi / అమ్మ వోడి
  7. YSR Cheyutha / వైయస్ఆర్ చెయుత
  8. Pedalandariki Illu / పెడలందరికి ఇలు
  9. Pension La Pempu / పెన్షన్ లా పెంపు   [APPLY NOW] :- Click here  

Details of all the jagan navaratnalu list schemes:-

 Jagan navaratnalu scheme 2019 will cover these topics-

  1. Reduction in the age of pension getting procedure. (పెన్షన్ వయస్సులో తగ్గింపు విధానం)

Steps decided to be taken for the pension holders as before the age for the old age pension is 65 years but after the launch of the scheme. It will be reduced to 60 years which will give benefits to many people.

  1. Home building for the poor. (పేదలకు గృహ భవంతి)

They have had the promise to build 25, 00,000 homes for the people who are homeless. Over the 5 years of the time, the Homes will be built and will be registered on the name of that person who is beneficiary for the scheme.

  1. Steps to be taken for Women. (మహిళల కోసం తీసుకునే చర్యలు)

 Jagan navaratnalu scheme is looking forward to supporting all the women who are under the SC, ST and OBC category. And will transfer 75000 to their accounts annually. This will help them to take care of themselves and of their families.

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  1. Concession on loan for women. (మహిళలకు రుణంపై రాయితీ)

The scheme will be launched for the women’s if they take loan up to 50,000 then the interest will be bared by the government and 0% interest will be taken by the women’s.

Children School encouragement. (పిల్లలు పాఠశాల ప్రోత్సాహం.)

The scheme will be launched by them to encourage the women to send their children to the school as those mothers will get the benefit of 15,000 by the government. This strategy will definitely encourage mothers to send their child to school.

  1. Say no to alcohol agenda and a ban notice on it. (ఆల్కహాల్ అజెండాకు మరియు దానిపై నిషేధాన్ని తెలియజేయమని చెప్పండి)

A ban will be on the consumption of the alcohol illegally. And strict action will be taken against the person who breaks the rule and the ban will be in three stages in the state.

  1. Helping in the irrigation. (నీటిపారుదల సహాయం)

The government will provide the sum of money to the marginal farmers and will help them to irrigate their field.

  1. Aarogyasri scheme. (ఆరోగ్య పథకం)    [APPLY NOW] :- Click here  

Under this scheme, the treatment money for the illness above 1 thousand will be given by the government at any Hospital and any amount.

  1. Concessions and reimbursement on fees. (ఫీజు మీద రాయితీలు మరియు రీఎంబెర్స్మెంట్)

Fee concessions and reimbursement will be provided by the government to the students. And 20,000 will be transferred in the students account for their use.

  1. A scheme will be launched by the government in which the sum of 50,000 will be given to the farmers for the financial assistance. And after that from the 2nd year 12,500 will be given to the family every year. And 0% interest will be taken from the farmers on taking the loans

Hence, above are 9 schemes which are promised by YS Jagan (Jagan Navaratnalu Scheme) that the party will launch when they will win the power in the state. But we can say that this is for only election strategy maybe as if they want to help the poor people that they can launch the schemes at any cost. But they are waiting to come in the power to launch them.

Hence, the schemes are very good and beneficial for the citizens. But we cannot say that the scheme will be launched or not in the near future. We have to wait and watch for further action to be taken by the YS Jagan and the party.

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