YSR aarogyasri scheme 2019

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Aarogyasri scheme 2019 has been started by the government of Andhra Pradesh. To provide the medical assistant to the people living in the state. Under the ysr aarogyasri scheme, a Health Insurance Scheme has been launched in order to provide easy medication facilities to the people. Also, aarogyasri scheme in andhra pradesh will help 87% of the population to get better medical facilities and will be able to get the medicines at a cheap rate. One can apply for aarogyasri scheme in rural andhra pradesh if he or she is under the poverty line. And are not being able to pay the bills for the operation or the surgeries for themselves or for their loved ones.

Benefits of the YSR aarogyasri scheme 2020 | Healthcard:-

  • It will help people to get good medications at a very nominal rate by the government.
  • People below the poverty line will become able to get their surgeries or the therapies completed.
  • Also, the government hospitals will get an amount from the government in order to run these facilities smoothly for the people below the poverty line.
  • It will make the accessibility of the hospitals to the poor people easily.
  • A very good step taken by the government to provide the facility to the people who are not being able to get it.

Who are eligible for the ysr aarogyasri apply online | aarogyasri ap eligibility?

  • If the family is below the poverty line then they can apply for ysrcp aarogyasri.
  • But for that, the below the poverty line has to be mentioned in the BPL Ration card and also it should be available in the database of the civil supply department.
  • If you are below the poverty line then your documents will be in the above-mentioned categories.

Aarogyasri andhra pradesh diseases list covered | aarogyasri diseases list| aarogyasri surgery list ap:-

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  1. The hip and knee replacement can be done there.
  2. If one is suffering from bone marrow, liver or cardiac problems then they can get the treatments of the transplantation in these hospitals.
  3. Also HIV, Malaria, jaundice, tuberculosis can be cured here.
  4. The doctors for treating the patients having gastroenteritis or leprosy are available in these government hospitals.

How will you be able to get these benefits | Aarogyasri ap benefits?

  • If you have applied for aarogyasri Andhra earlier. And you want to get the benefits then the transaction done in the hospital will be cashless.
  • Even not only for the operation but for the Diagnostic procedures also the cash would not be given.
  • The individual who wants to avail the benefits of aarogyasri yojana can go to the government hospitals and can show them the papers and they will treat that person who is living in Andhra Pradesh.

If you want to know about the further procedure for getting the benefits of the scheme. Then you can simply go on the official website of the Andhra Pradesh government to get YSR aarogyasri scheme details. Even you will be able to see the aarogyasri andhra pradesh hospitals list. Aarogyasri diseases list and aarogyasri surgery list on the portal. Ap aarogyasri card  can also be applied there.

We think that the YSR aarogyasri scheme. Which has been started by the government is very beneficial for the local people. And they can avail the benefits of the same. Even finally some steps have been taken by the government for the people. And hence we appreciate the work of the government. And we our self also suggest you if you are under the same category. Then you must go to avail the benefits of the scheme.

For more details, you can check on the Google and you will get all the details for the same there. The eligibility criteria for the scheme is must. And if you are not eligible for the same then your submission would be rejected by the side of the government.

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