Recently West Bengal has launched a new scheme for the unemployed people. And for the farmers who are unable to earn enough to feed their family.  Krishak Bandhu yojana is determined to help the people to survive properly. And help them with an ensured income and for their families. West Bengal Krishak Bandhu scheme 2019 is a great initiative by the government of West Bengal. And it will be appreciated by the people very much in the near future. This scheme is launched by CM Mamata Banerjee.

Here, we will discuss the Yojana and will tell you about Krishak Bandhu Online application. Such that you will be able to avail the services if you are eligible to do so.

The eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the krishak bandhu scheme in west bengal 2019:

  • First of all this scheme was only specified for the farmers of the West Bengal and only they can avail the benefits of it.
  • Secondly, the farmers who have given a part of their land to others are also eligible for this scheme if they are unable to earn enough to feed their family.
  • Krishak Bandhu card will be given to the farmers or to the beneficiary which can be used whenever needed at anywhere to avail the benefits.
  • Even if the person who is beneficiary for the scheme expires then the nominee for the same will get the benefits of the scheme who is between the ages of 18 to 60 years.

How to apply for west bengal krishak bandhu application form pdf:

  • For Krishak bandhu scheme apply online so that you have no need to go outside to avail the benefits as you can do the same online.
  • Go to the official website of the Agricultural department of the West Bengal and you will find the details here. Click Here  
  • There is a special column for this Krishak Bandhu yojana where you can sign-in and know the further process.
  • krishak bandhu scheme 2019
  • After signing up you have to login into your account. And then you will be directed towards the online registration page. Where you can register to avail the benefits of the wb krishak bandhu scheme 2019.
  • krishak bandhu scheme apply online
  • Krishak Bandhu online registration or krishak bandhu scheme application form process is very easy.
  • After that, the required documents would be asked from you like. Identity proof, age proof, residential proof and agricultural labourer’s registration certificate.
  • There is another necessity is the bank account. Which you have to give while registration so that you can avail the benefits in it.

What are the advantages of WB Krishak Bandhu yojana | krishak bandhu scheme wb?

  1. This WB Krishak Bandhu scheme is very beneficial. As they are helping poor people to survive and to live a healthy and happy life.
  2. Even the scheme is paying 10,000 Rupees annually to all the farmers in two installments. When Kharif and Rabi crops are sown the amount will be transferred to the accounts of the beneficiary.
  3. An insurance policy will be offered to the farmers To secure their life and the benefits can be availed by the nominee after their death.
  4. The beneficiary is eligible to get the benefits anywhere. And the amount will be transferred to their accounts without any Hustle. And that is the biggest advantage of this scheme that no delay will be there while transferring the money.

Some important West bengal krishak bandhu application form pdf download :-

1:- Download the Death Benefit Claim form:-  Download Now in English

2:- Death Benefit Claim form PDF download in Bengali:-  Download Now in Bengali

3:- Download the Claim notification form:-  Download Now

4:- Download the official Scheme notification:-  Download Now

Hence, we can say that the government has taken a very good step to help the poor people. But this will be successful only if no fraud will occur in the procedure. As We all know that whenever this kind of schemes are out for the needy people. The people who don’t even require the help also try to avail the benefits due to greed. And because of that one who is actually in need for it will left. Therefore, the government has to make sure that no mischievous activity will happen there to take the benefits of the scheme. Also you can check krishak bandhu application status and krishak bandhu name list from here official website:-

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