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Fastag online registration

FASTag– Easy way to smooth your journey!

People love to travel from one city to another regularly. Some for work or some to have a trip to another state or city. The most irritating part of the journey for the Travelers is to wait on the toll tax in long queues. It consumes half of the time if you are traveling a considerable distance. It is said that if there is a problem, then there is a solution for it too. After understanding the discomfort people have while traveling, finally, we have the FASTag lines on all the tolls. Therefore if you have that tag, then there is no need to wait on the queues toll tax. You can very easily pass without hindering your journey on the way each time.

 Now, further, we will talk about the Fastag sticker in detail.

What is FASTag- in brief?

  • It is a kind of reloadable tag that one can paste on the front mirror of their vehicle.
  • While you are passing from the toll tax, the scanner will read it automatically, and you are allowed to move from toll within few seconds.
  • There is no need to stop at Toll Plaza every time you pass through it.
  • The deduction will be made from your attached bank account automatically.
  • You have to paste it on your windshield carefully so that it is visible to the scanners.
  • Also, one has to keep the required amount to keep the toll plaza fastag recharge in the wallet from which it is attached.

Therefore there is no need to stop for cash transactions at any Toll Plaza while traveling.

 How one can purchase these FAS Tag?

Now the second question in the mind of a person who wants this sticker is, “how to get fastag?”

As per the resources, 22 banks are certified to be a point of sale for this sticker. One can search for the bank on the highway or at their nearest branch or can avail it from the E-Commerce sites and can fastag apply online. One will be able to get free fastag online. One can check the list of all 22 certified banks on the internet.

How to link the tag with your bank account?

To link the FAS Tag with your bank account, you have to complete your KYC documentation. You will be able to complete your KYC by visiting your bank and submitting the required documents. After that, your bank will complete your KYC and will attach your tag with your bank account.

Can an individual attach the FASTag with Paytm?

Yes, now it is effortless to attach your FASTag with Paytm. First, you have to affix the sticker on your vehicle. After that, you have to add a sufficient amount in your Paytm wallet using your bank account. Now, at last, you have to enter the FAS Tag Lane at the toll plaza. After the successful attachment of your FAS Tag with your Paytm wallet soon, the amount will be deducted from it every time.

 In case of any emergency, you can call on the paytm fastag helpline number that is – 1800-102-6480, or you can email the team on [email protected]. Your questions will be resolved in a short period.

What is the last date to apply for FASTag in 2019?

Now, all the vehicles must have a FASTag on their windshield. Also, no matter if the car is private or commercial, one has to how to buy fastag for car. The fastag last date to apply is the 15th of December 2019.

If you are not going to have this tag on your vehicle from now onwards, then you have to pay double toll tax at the toll plaza.

Therefore, if you are also a daily traveler and have to pass the toll plaza, then it will be effortless for you now. It is mandatory plus carrying advantage for the travelers.

Apply From here Online now free:-

Axis bank Fastag :- Apply Now

Axis bank Fastag Customer care number for complaints:- 1800 103 5577

ICICI Bank Fastag :- Apply Now

ICICI bank Fastag Customer care number for complaints:- 1860 210 0104

Paytm Fastag :- Apply Now

Paytm bank Fastag Customer care number for complaints:- 1800 102 6480

HDFC Fastag :- Apply Now

HDFC bank Fastag Customer care number for complaints:- 1800 120 1243


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