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As we all know that is the government is trying to assist the old age people. Therefore, under the TS Aasara Pension Scheme 2019-20 also the CM of Telangana is going to provide revised. And height pension to the oldest people, widows and too many more people. The hike in TS New Aasara Pension Scheme will be done by June of 2019.

Now, we will be going to discuss aasara pension scheme telangana 2019 in retail and will provide the basic details of the scheme to you in this article.

What is the aasara pension scheme details?

 The telangana state pension scheme is revised by the government under asarana Pension Yojana. After increment in the scheme, the government has to bear the amount of 12000 crores annually. Every year the government is going to assist all the pension beneficiaries to buy the amount pension.

What all are the objectives of the scheme?

  • This scheme has the objective to provide and financial assistance to all the beneficiaries to live life happily.
  • This scheme is a government-funded scheme and hence no one can challenge the scheme at any cost.
  • The transfer of pension will be done in the account of the beneficiary every month.
  • The scheme will help the beneficiary to live their life on their own without asking for the money to anyone.

Details of the Aasara pension scheme:

The name of the scheme is Aasara pension scheme. The launch of the scheme is done by the Chief Minister of the state of Telangana. And the department which is handling the scheme is rural development department. The revised date of the scheme is 28 my 2019 and the beneficiary are the citizens of the Telangana state only.

Pension scheme eligibility criteria’s:

  • For the old-age pension, the age of the applicant should be more than 65 and they should be carrying their age proof with them.
  • Widow pension Yojana the minimum age of the girl should be 18 years and the age proof for the same has to be provided.
  • Toddy tappers, the minimum criteria of Ages 50 years and only one person from each family can take the benefits of the scheme.
  • The disabled person Yojana, the minimum disability should be 51% of the concerned person.

Hence, there are different criteria for a different purpose and hence you have to provide the proof for the same. Apart from all these one also has to provide other necessary documents along with these proves.

The application process for the aasara pension scheme online application:

Aasara pension telangana apply online and getting the telangana aasara pension application form is an easy process.

  • If you want to apply for the telangana government pension scheme 2019 then you have to telangana aasara pension online apply for the same. You have to download the application from the official website.
  • Official website link:- Click here
  • Fill all the details in the telangana aasara pension online application form very clearly and properly.
  • Attach all the necessary in information with your application form.
  • Now reply after filling the form you have to submit your form to the regional Gram Panchayat write the bill Collector in an urban area.

How to check the application status?

Now you have to check your application status through the official website of the Telangana government for that you have to visit the web portal first.

There you can easily search for the beneficiary details and the benefits of a person are carrying. Therefore we can say that pension scheme of telangana government is going to assist all the people mentioned above. And will give very good financial assistance to them. If you are under that eligibility criteria and you are living in Telangana state then you may also apply for the scheme.

When the government thinks for the citizen is the best thing!!

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